Urban farmers: 3 stories about how to make a mini garden in the apartment

Talked with people who are right in the apartment grow cotton, oranges, mangoes and then if

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Quarantined, many have discovered new classes. Some began to learn foreign >

For example, you can place a mini garden or a greenhouse on the balcony, freeing it from unnecessary stuff, or use a hydroponic setup.

About how to home shelving to create a mini-garden with oranges, mango and arugula and how much it costs editorial «RBC-real Estate” said urban farmers.

Pavel Razin, urban farmer

"I'm an urban farmer (farmer cite). With high rate of urbanization of cities, there is a need in growing fresh produce in the city. So, started to build the closed farms in residential and industrial areas. These factory plants need to maintain and configure the technical processes, this is what I do. Parallel to advise people on growing plants hydroponically and blog about it on the YouTube channel. For example, one of the most recent videos — how to grow an avocado at home.

At home I have a small garden. It is a mixture of decorative, spicy and flowering plants. Even then if they grow, use it when cooking.

To organize your home farm, it is sufficient to allocate one and a half square meter in the apartment and go to growshop shopping. These are stores with everything you need for a home crop.

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The minimum need groten. Its dimensions are determined on the basis of the domestic space, which allows to expand the farm. It is required to svetoslavtsi plants. Plus photolapse, which will cover plants, pots, substrate (is it land), fertilizer and seeds. The average budget is 20–40 thousand.

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Quarantine — it's the perfect time to engage in such a hobby. Most important, if you learn how to work with plants, you can always indulge in a harvest from our own farm, even in winter”.

Pauline Grishanova, blogger, grows in the apartment then if

“in Winter really like my greens, so I decided to make a mini vegetable garden. As the Foundation chose then if. It is perfect for the windowsill — is growing rapidly, do not need additional equipment to that has several times more vitamins and minerals than ordinary greens.

The price then if ready in the shops are sky-high, but to grow it at home will not be easy, even a child will cope.

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All my garden is located on the same windowsill in the kitchen. This five — ten small containers with herbs. No additional equipment and no backlight. Even no land, because it is not necessary.

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To grow crops on the window, planter — I have a low disposable plastic containers, soil, cotton wool, tissue paper, coconut substrate or special mats for microcline from jute or flax. Hydroponics and special systems with irrigation and lighting, in my opinion, are more suitable to professionals. It is very difficult, expensive and suitable for the cultivation of microcline for sale.

Is a complex culture, which require certain conditions and experiences, and there are those that will grow on their own. I chose the second option. The most simple and quick — mustard, daikon, radish, arugula, red cabbage, watercress, alfalfa and broccoli.

The care of a garden, even a small one, and calms and relieves stress. Plus we always have greens on the table. Constantly looking for new seeds, this month will plant borage — borage, say, the taste of it is very unusual, similar to a cucumber. Quarantined to my hobby joined the children, they like to work with me to plant, then watch as herbs”.

Alexander Shkolnikov, engineer, grows in the apartment of mango, oranges, and cotton

“I do 3D-models of industrial refrigeration systems. Like most people, are now to comply with isolation and work at home from home. Sometimes I come to the office, where I'm comfortable to work with. Home more distractions. One of them — my mini-garden.

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Now in my apartment is growing lettuce, mango, orange, grapefruit and various colors. Another was a persimmon, but she got sick and died. When vacationing in Sochi, brought back the hearts of palm and bamboo and planted at home. Palm has taken root, bamboo — no. Recently planted cotton. On it was inspired by a blogger from China. She grows the cotton house and make him a small blanket. If our cotton will bear fruit, we will also try to make a mini quilt.

My garden — the window sill of the kitchen, shelving in the kitchen and two of the rack in the hallway. And in the hallway racks I placed in the darkest corner and added a backlight. Thus, I highlighted the darkest area of the apartment and made it green.

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In Finance to organize this garden — cheap. This will require shelving from IKEA, homemade and ventilation ducts, fastening to the wall, a small pump and the ground. You can spend 3 thousand rubles., but excluding plants and fertilizers.

On quarantine was more time to devote to his hobby. In the near future I plan to plant strawberries and tomatoes to eat organic food without nitrates. Not so long ago bought the parts hydroponics — wants to use them. The idea was to equip hydroponic installation under the ceiling and grow tomatoes. At the bottom of the pump, by which water will flow in a box with plants, plus add light and ventilation.

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Why am I doing this? The city is lacking greenery and sunshine, especially in winter. So I decided to make a garden at home. More recently, we have planted roses under the window. Actually, I believe that we need to elevate the area where you live”.

Natalia Gustov

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