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The head Blockware Solutions Matt d Souza estimated that 30% Hasrat coins is provided by the miners who work on the brink of loss. At what price they will disable the device and how much cheaper BTC after the previous reduction awards

will Soon be a mass surrender of the miners, they will turn off their hardware for mining bitcoins held in connection with the 11 may alvingham, said the Fund Manager and the CEO of Blockchain Opportunity Blockware Solutions Matt d’Souza in his Twitter account. According to him, this will happen if the price of the coin will remain at the current level or, even worse, will decline.

The owner explained that in the course of the first cryptocurrencies in $8550, 30% Hasrat its network is provided by the miners who are working at a loss. So if BTC does not go up, they will disconnect the equipment or the same mass to sell their coins to continue production unprofitable. To confirm their conjectures d’Souza cited the following calculations:

“it is Expected extreme the surrender of the miners, if the exchange rate of bitcoin drops below $8550. At that price, the Antminer model S9 (13,5 TH/s and 1.4 kW) is not profitable when the cost of electricity at 3 cents/KWh. More new miners Innosilicon/Canaan (30 TH/s and 2.4 kW) have zero return if the price of electricity of 4 cents. New miners Antminer S17 (50 TH/s and 2.2 kW) are zero when the cost of electricity at 7 cents " — estimated d’Souza.

Agreed with him co-founder of the project, The Investor’s Podcast Network Preston Pysh. He published the first cryptocurrency chart showing that the price fell by 28% in 9 days after halving 2016. Recovery bitcoin exchange rate to previous values took more than 3 months.

Today, the media reported that the income of miners after halving decreased by 44% to $9 million in the same time, Hasrat bitcoin decreased by 16%. Now most of the old devices such as S9 Antminer from Bitmain, ceased to be profitable. However, the new generation of equipment, for example Antminer S17 and Watsminer M30S, remain profitable.

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Dmitry Fomin.

Source: rbc.ru

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