Moscow developers reported about the resumption of the construction

Metropolitan developers plan to build all the objects in time, despite the quarantine

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In Moscow may 12, 2020 introduced the first phase of the easing of restrictions related to the spread of COVID-19. The work will be able to return the enterprises of industry and construction.

The capital's developers announced the resumption of work on construction sites, most plan to return to the previous schedule of construction in the near future. “the Construction of all Moscow objects «the treasury of the budget of ls» 12 may be resumed. The pace of construction is planned to restore the volume for 1.5–2 weeks" — said the press service of the developer. Also on the readiness for the resumption of construction was announced in OF «A101». “Concluded all relevant contracts and agreements on resource mobilization and acceleration of a number of works. All facilities will remain a high level of epidemiological control has already been proven" — said the press service of the company.

Developers plan to accelerate the pace of construction in order to pass all the objects. “On all construction sites of the company the development of af also, it was about 2 thousand people, who will continue the construction of four residential complexes and two office centers in the capital. In the first weeks after the launch of the construction will go at an accelerated pace to catch up with the backlog and forced to prepare objects to be commissioned in accordance with the approved terms», — said the first Deputy General Director the development of af Eugene Potashnikov.

in a week to get 100% of the power on house construction also plan of the company «Ingrab». “In seven days the objects will be included in the planned schedules and pace. The company is also ready to resume the construction of new residential buildings in Moscow region after a corresponding decision of the Moscow authorities. The number of workers on construction sites will be restored fully. At all sites the effect of increasing mode control, prevention and continuous monitoring of the situation in order to prevent the possible spread of a new coronavirus infection" — the company said.

V company capital group also noted that work was resumed, and the full recovery of the construction cycle, taking into account relevant requirements of the decree of the municipality will take from two days to one week, including the transfer of equipment on site and transfer service workers. The materials required for the monolithic, frame and facade work and installation of engineering systems are already on the grounds, explained in a press-service of the Builder. It noted that the crossings on the construction site equipped to measure temperature, the issuance of antiseptics and protective masks.

is Also of full recovery of the works reported in the company AO «Glavstroy». «the Company has the necessary resources, namely the time, as the construction of facilities was conducted with a faster pace, project financing and readiness, which completed the main work on the construction of frameworks of buildings, external cladding and roofing" — said the press service of the developer.

The fact that the construction work in the capital resumed today, on their websites also reported the development company «INTEKO», «ipsos kort» I «City — XXI vek». All developers stressed that they will make every effort to match previously approved schedules of construction, and comply with security measures approved by the Rospotrebnadzor.

In Moscow since April 13 because of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus was halted construction and repair work. The only exception was the construction of medical facilities, subway, rail, public transport and airports. Part of the restrictive measures were lifted on 6 may. It was about the objects that are built on state and municipal programmes and contracts

The loss of the Russian developers because of the shutdown of construction sites in connection with the coronavirus pandemic could amount to 1.3 trillion rubles., and the commissioning of more than 70% of housing under construction will last a maximum of a year, reported the analysts of the Fund «Institute of Economics of the city”. Approximately half of the construction companies have cut staff salaries, nearly one in ten have undertaken or plans to undertake the reduction, announced on the eve of the experts of consulting company Kontakt, InterSearch Russia.

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