CB explained the procedure of registration of transfers of alimony

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The duty of disclosure of codes of types of income in the enumeration of alimony is entrusted to the persons paying them and the credit institution should provide customers the opportunity to specify them correctly, explained to RIA Novosti in the press service of the Bank of Russia.
Previously, the Association of Russian banks (ADB) has asked the Ministry of justice with a request to clarify the accounting for receipts on customer accounts of alimony in connection with the entry into force of the amendments to the law on enforcement proceedings.
The amendments from June 1 introduces the marking of the types of income the client to a credit institution could properly account for the payments, which by law cannot recover for debt repayment. As highlighted in the Association, the document is not clearly regulated, whether the payer to specify in the pay sheet code types of income in case of voluntary transfer of child support.
«In accordance with the law «On enforcement proceedings» responsibility for marking the payment assigned to pay them. They may be including citizens, remitting child support. In turn, banks must give customers the opportunity to specify codes of types of income, established by Bank of Russia from 14.10.2019 No. 5286-U «About the order of specifying the code type of income in the funds transfer». We will promptly issue guidance on emerging issues related to the application of this Directive», — said the Bank.
Under current law, citizens are obliged to support needy family members, for example, minor children. Parents can conclude an agreement on the transfer of the alimony, and if agreement is not obtained, then such payments collected by the courts and transferred by a court order or writ of execution.