Yegor Susin: How markets recover after the pandemic

Reach whether pre-crisis levels?

The trip is growing increasingly, in the United States only -20% relative to the levels of the beginning of the year, are noticeably orderly recovery, next to Germany. Weighted average oil consumption index also continued to rise, while in April the decline was more than 2 times, now it is about 1/3 from the levels of the beginning of the year.

Much different from the French, who finally came and went, but the Italians and the Spaniards after the first activation, there is a sharp pause – recovery has stalled. This is true for some other countries, where growth is a little quiet, after a steep increase. Does this mean that further recovery will be flatter – is likely.

as For Russia, the restoration also occurs, though not so active yet. Moscow still remains very depressed, although in recent days there has been a revitalization of activity trips.

To work and to places of Commerce and leisure, the return is much slower, but still goes, levels are still quite low, and dynamics indicates that some sustainable level (and below pre-crisis) can wait closer to the end of summer-beginning of autumn… and then

In General, the data allow to say that the demand for gasoline is recovering well, but will it recover to previous levels in the current year is the big question.

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