Publishers in Russia expect billions of dollars in losses and asked the government to help

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Utkin / Book club shop «Hyperion»

The Russian publishers have already lost about 2.3 billion rubles in the two months quarantine and expect the total for the year will lose about 15 billion rubles. Publishers and booksellers turn to the state for help, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Russian book Union.
«Loss publishers for March-April 2020 amounted to about 2.3 billion rubles, and bookstores during the same period to 3.6 billion rubles. <…> the Expected loss of publishers of books according to optimistic estimates, will be this year 25% of revenue, approximately 15 billion rubles», – stated in the message of the Union.
According to experts, one of the main problems of the book market during the period of quarantine – closed bookstores, which accounted for 70% of the total book distribution.
At the end of March, the trend of growth of book sales in the online stores of major market operators, however, the share of the Internet channel is 23% of the total market and allows publishers to offset the absence of revenues from sales through traditional stores.
Order of 60-70% of the enterprises associated with the book industry will be forced to suspend operations and declare bankruptcy in the absence of measures of the state support, according to the RKS.
«As the book is not a commodity of Prime necessity, it can be assumed that traffic to the bookstores after the lifting of restrictions associated with quarantine, will not be released immediately to the previous level. <…> to Predict the restoration of the customer data before the end of 2020», – says CEO «Moscow House of books» Nadezhda Mihailova.
The CEO «Read-city – barrister» Michael Ivantsov sure that after the end of the regime of self-isolation will not be losers and winners: «the Book industry after such shocks will recover very slowly. According to preliminary estimates, a minimum recovery of our network is at least 6 months, and the industry in whole, from the years, perhaps more».
«the Results of the surveys showed that 82% of publishers had stopped buying new books for the period April-may, 43% of publishers refused the third is scheduled for 2020 books... When you save the current position and the absence of measures of the state support of the industry 60-70% of businesses will be forced to suspend its activity and declare itself bankrupt in Q3 2020», — is told in the message.
As a result, the experts are asked to take into account this situation and to complete the list of sectors of the Russian economy most affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection, book industry, namely, to include species such as «publishing», «wholesale Trade of books, Newspapers, periodicals, stationary and writing paper goods», «Activity of printing and the provision of services in this area».
«Without inclusion in the list of victims and, accordingly, without obtaining a complex of measures of state support, the book industry of Russia will not be able to maintain its viability, the majority of enterprises in the book industry will be forced to close... Save the book industry — it means to ensure the national security of the Russian state, to preserve a meaningful basis for the development of Russian society», — believe in the RCC.