What is more economical to heat the apartment, if you turn off the Central heating?

Spring, when the radiators in the rooms do not work, or autumn when the Central heating is not turned on, many use for space heating air conditioners with a heating function. You can also use an electric heater. Aephi understand the pros and cons of various heating methods.

What is more profitable to heat the apartment: air conditioning or electric heater?

If the temperature outside allows you to turn on the air conditioner for heating, it is advantageous to use it instead of an electric heater. In the latter, the electricity is converted into heat at the rate of 1:1, and in air conditioning systems, electricity not consumed on the formation and migration of thermal energy. Thus, the conditioning, heating the room, wasting much less energy.

«air Conditioning four times cheaper to heat the apartment. There is a factor of, roughly speaking, the thermal energy per kilowatt of electric energy. Good conditioning this ratio is two to four. That is using air conditioning you four times to save power consumption», — says the Director of the testing laboratory of household electrical appliances “TESTBIT» Oleg Dranitsky.

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What are the disadvantages of heating by the electric heater?

Classic electric heater in order to heat a room in 15 sq. m., consumes about 1.5 kWh to 2 kWh of energy-Saving models consume less. But in any case the heating will be uneven and the air temperature near the heating device will be much higher than in other parts of the room. Because the mode of operation of the heater will be exposed at a higher temperature than required. In addition, the time during which the heater is able to bring the indoor temperature to a comfortable for a person can exceed an hour. 

If we talk about conditioning, the power consumption is in heating mode the room of the same area will not exceed 0.7 kW/h, i.e. more than two times lower. Energy consumption is mainly in the operation of the compressor and fans. The air conditioning can quickly bring the temperature back to a comfortable through the run of a large volume of air through the heat exchanger.

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What are the disadvantages of heating air conditioning?

The downside of using air conditioner is that continuous operation of the device is undesirable at low temperatures. In addition, not all climate system can be used if the temperature outside drops below minus five degrees. At low temperatures the required air conditioning, which is heating the condensate and Carter.

In addition, too low temperatures, the energy efficiency of air conditioning decreases. On 1 kW of the consumed energy when the outside temperature is from zero to plus five degrees air will issue from 2.5 kW to 4.2 kW of heat. If the outside temperature is below this range, respectively, the power consumption will increase.

Source: aif.ru

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