AstraZeneca received $ 1 billion for vaccine development from Covid-19

The company AstraZeneca has received more than $ 1 billion from the office of biomedical advanced research and development of Ministry of health of the USA (BARDA) for the development of vaccines against coronavirus.

The British-Swedish pharmaceutical manufacturer has agreed to initially provide at least 400 million doses of vaccine and to provide the General capacity to create 1 billion doses, with first deliveries in September.

The program is the development of a vaccine AstraZeneca includes three phase I clinical trials with the participation of 30 thousand volunteers and pediatric research.

Pascal Soriot (Pascal Soriot), CEO AstraZeneca, has promised to do everything possible so that the vaccine appeared possible, and was widely available throughout the world.

According to data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University, currently, the coronavirus has infected more than 5 million killed 328 227 people.

Sunday the British government announced that it will allocate an additional 65.5 million dollars in funding a vaccine Covid-19.

The University of Oxford has announced its partnership with AstraZeneca in April to help pharmaceutical companies to develop and distribute the vaccine.

Human trials began last month. They have already participated more than a thousand volunteers. AstraZeneca announced that the test results are expected in the near future.

But so far no experiment data is not published. AstraZeneca acknowledges that while the vaccine may not work.

On Monday, the American pharmaceutical company Moderna has published positive data from its first phase of testing the vaccine on humans. The medicine developed in close contact with the U.S. government.

Medical edition STAT said Tuesday that experts were skeptical of the new data Moderna. However, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moderna Noubar Afeyan (Noubar Afeyan) said that the manufacturer never release false information about the vaccine against the coronavirus.

At the beginning of may Moderna claimed to have completed testing of the first phase and proceeds to the beginning of the test phase of the second. It is assumed that if the third phase will begin in July and it appears that the vaccine is safe for use, its entry into the market will occur in early 2021.

BARDA has also provided funding for one of the two vaccines, developed by French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, on which she is working with a British manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline. According to the report from Reuters, to date, worldwide more than 90 vaccines, eight of them are under clinical trials.

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