the Managers of the developer of the vaccine COVID made millions, reported by the media

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Information sign on wall street in new York. Archival photo
The top management of American pharmaceutical companies, Moderna announced that it is closest to the opening of the vaccine COVID-19, earned tens of millions of dollars to trade its own shares, according to CNN on Friday.
On Monday, the stock price Moderna soared by 30% after the biotech company announced promising results of its imminent vaccines against coronavirus, reminiscent of the TV channel. According to him, most of all earned on the trading of company shares its financial Director, which made a profit of 16.8 million dollars.
Television experts believe that the top management of pharmaceutical companies were not doing anything illegal, as they sold their shares and did not use insider information, but such earnings do not look very dignified.
As noted by CNN, citing the consensus forecast, the probability that the vaccine will meet the expectations, is 65%. Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States Anthony Fauci, quoted by CNN, said that while enough data to confidently talk about the success of the vaccine.
On Monday, the news about the success of Moderna Inc was provoked by growth of leading indexes on 2-4%. It was the most rapid growth over the last eighteen months. After authoritative specialized medical website STAT reported that there is insufficient data to draw conclusions about the success of the vaccine, stocks Moderna fell 16%. Us indices also went through a corrective recession.
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