Study: increased the number of orders to freelancers

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The number of orders to freelancers in Russia in the may holidays has increased 1.7 times, while the number of workers — 2.7 times, says at the disposal of RIA Novosti research freelance marketplaces (part of IT-holding TalentTech).
«during the may holidays had 2.7 times more compared to may 2019, and in April the number of registrations has doubled. The total number of orders also increased significantly: plus 73% to the values comparable period in may last year», — the document says. By comparison, in April, orders grew by 20% yoy.
In the first two weeks of may, the largest increase performers year-on-year seen in the categories of: «Design and Art» (724%), «Translations» (312%), «Lyrics» (309%), «Audio/Video» (283%) and Advertising and marketing (242%). In April in the first places by the number of performers was «Translations» (247%), «Audio/Video» (232%), «Marketing» (220%), fourth and fifth place went to «Design Art» (217%) and «game Development» (145%).
The largest increase in the number of applications for orders 1 through 13 may have been in the categories of «game Development» (373%), «Network and information systems» (229%), «Training and consulting» (247%), «Audio/video» (+132%) and «Programming» (+84%). The average check amount for the orders has also increased: in the category of «printing» increase of 273%, in the category of «Mobile apps» — 40% in the category of «Outsourcing and consulting» – on 29%. The largest average bill in may was in the categories of «game Development» — 24238 rubles, «Mobile apps» — 18364 rubles, «Management» — 10 thousand rubles, «printing» — 8117 rubles, and «Architecture/interior» — 7255 rubles.
According to the Executive Director of the exchange Anatoly Orlov, the growing number of customers and providers due mainly to the fact that many people lost their income and began to look for other types of employment.
«Freelancing remains one of the alternatives to permanent employment – those who have never considered this option, now came to us on the ground, hence the increase of the performers in April year-on-year by 100%. On the other hand, businesses began to look for additional opportunities to optimize costs and processes. To keep the employee in the state only for the rare, non-core tasks uncomfortable. It's best to find a contractor on project work. Managers in such circumstances it is important to be able to work with a hybrid form of organization that is likely to remain in demand after the pandemic», — he said.