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The Creator of the cryptocurrency explained that will help accelerate the work of its network of 650%, and is working on it the project team. Will go up Aldon in the long run, and for what it's worth to buy

The Ethereum network in the future, after upgrading to the second version, can hold up to 1000 transactions per second (15 m/s), said Creator Aldona acne Buterin during the conference Consensus: Distributed. According to him, this will be possible thanks to the development of several initiatives aimed at addressing the scalability issues, reports The Block.

One of these solutions is to develop Optimistic Rollup, told Buterin. It will be introduced in the network Aldona after its transition to the second version. The team also works on improving the privacy of cryptocurrency, said its Creator.

“there is still a lot of work with respect to scalability. There are tasks to improve encryption and privacy, which will later be included in the Ethereum blockchain. We are working on all fronts" — told Buterin.

The transition to Ethereum 2.0 has been repeatedly postponed. Initially it was planned to update the blockchain Elkton to 3 January. Then the launch was postponed for the current quarter, but a specific date was not named.

Ethereum and passive income

One of the features of the new version of Ethereum will be the appearance of Aldona function of stacking due to introduction algorithm Proof-of-Stake. This will allow you to receive passive income for storage of your coin size presumably 3.2% per annum. But for this, you will need to keep at least 32 ETH.

However, the CEO of data center Six Nines Sergey Troshin urged not to overestimate the importance of updating Ethereum. The transition to a new algorithm and implementation of stacking can lead to centralization of the project, and to force the financial regulator of the United States to recognize altcon security.

“the Promise to go to the PoS voiced Baleriny 2017 but has been repeatedly postponed. In the community ETH have questions, need whether this transition in principle. Almost to the end of 2019 of the world of PoS coins clearly lagged behind in popularity to the PoW. A PoS-blackany showed a tendency towards strict centralization, when the control project is in the hands of a few dozen of the richest holders. The us Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC) directly threatened ETH that in case of transition to PoS can recognize its security and actually removed from the stock market», — said Troshin.

He noted that the change algorithm will lead to an outflow of miners. Now Ethereum has the best cryptocurrency for home mining. The transition to Proof-of-Stake will force miners to switch to other coins and to leave the community, the head of the data center.

What are the reasons to invest in Ethereum

In the same time, there are a number of positive factors speaking in favor of the growth rate of the coin, said Troshin. The first of these he called the fact that the token Tezos and a few other tokens that have already implemented the function of stacking, has completed the first four months of the current year with a significant increase to the cost.

Another factor Troshin said the possible devaluation of the dollar, which caused US policy to combat the crisis. This has a positive effect on the cryptocurrency market as a whole, and therefore on the price of Ethereum, the expert believes. He said that this same effect can be halving bitcoin held yesterday, may 11.

“Likely in the coming months, the ETH will continue to grow, and the promise of ETH 2.0 — not the only reason. Even sometimes ahead of, but ETH is mainly moving in the Wake of the BTC and is also influenced by halving flagship market. In addition, in favor of the growth of the stock market plays a possible devaluation of the dollar due to large-scale anti-crisis measures of the fed. But as for the prospects of transition to PoS, then this factor shouldn't be overestimated and to take the time to mentally set a price in space" — said Troshin.

By Alexei Markov, senior trader at United Traders, said that if to invest in Ethereum with the expectation of rising in price because of the upgrade to the second version of the blockchain, the long term after its launch. First will come into force "phase zero", that is, the whole network do not immediately go to a new algorithm. For a long time Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake will coexist.

"the Developers expect that full transition to PoS will take 1-2 years. 1-2 years after "phase zero" will launch “phase” — implement sharding. Only after that should really increase the network scalability, i.e. the manifest technological effect. The update will affect the price of ETH, if this increased scalability is demanded by the applications on Ethereum. For example, several times will increase the size of the DeFi" — shared Markov.

He predicted that by the time the transition will be over in Ethereum should be blocked around 4-5% of all emissions of the cryptocurrency. At this level, annual yield of stacking will be around 7%. However, now do not know the value of the cost of stacking and income from commissions, an expert has warned.

It is suggested that validators will receive fairly high rewards at the start after the upgrade. However, with the increase of the yield will go down. If you delegate the coins on a stacking right at the beginning will be easy, it will be a good investment, summarized Markov.

to Invest, but count on a lot not worth it

The experts cited several reasons speaking in favor of the long-term rise in price of Ethereum. In the first place — this update to the second version of the network. It will allow to implement the function of stacking, and to increase the technological features of the coin. In the second — external factors, such as the issue of an additional mass of money by governments to combat the crisis and halving bitcoin.

The experts urged not to overestimate the importance of the transition of the Ethereum blockchain for the second version. This process will probably take several years. In addition to what the update may be delayed at any time, as has happened several times already.

Yesterday, may 11, media reported that the transition Ethereum on the second version of the network can occur in July, referring to the Creator of the cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin. However, the programmer denied this information. In correspondence on Twitter with his colleagues, he said that may not hear the question, but, anyway, the launch of Eth 2.0 in July will not take place.

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