In Moscow, measures to support businesses has touched almost 35 thousand organizations

© RIA Novosti / Grigory Sysoev / Passers-by near tram station «VDNKH Metro station» in Moscow during the regime of isolation of the inhabitants

The anti-crisis measures of support of business in Moscow has touched almost 35 thousand organizations, which employ more than 765 thousand employees, said Deputy mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov at a meeting of the Headquarters for Moscow's economy.
According to him, the capital developed a system of support measures, which includes 19 Federal and 49 of the Moscow financial instruments of assistance to the most affected sectors, businesses and residents.
«Moscow, in addition to the Federal support measures, has its own tools to assist entrepreneurs and citizens. Directly anti-crisis measures have touched almost 35 thousand organizations, which employ more than 765 thousand employees. In addition, support is provided to almost 30 thousand health professionals and over 6.2 million residents in the framework of measures to help the population. The total amount of business support is more than 85 billion rubles, about 110 billion rubles were allocated for social assistance and health care», – said Efimov.
He also stressed that the measures of business support are developed in direct collaboration with entrepreneurs. In the development of anti-crisis packages was used most of the proposals voiced at staff meetings.
«So, for enterprises of all affected branches transferred tax payments and imposed special conditions for the lease of urban real estate»,- said Efimov.
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