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Stablon USDT shifted on the fourth line token Ripple XRP, overtaking him by $0.02 billion

The market capitalization of the company stalkon Tether increased to $8.79 billion Thus USDT climbed to third place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies by this measure, once after the Bitcoin and Ethereum and Ripple shifting the token to the fourth position. XRP capitalization currently stands at approximately $8.6 billion, reports Cointelegraph.

The growth of the market capitalization of stablon Tether occurs as a result of additional issue of cryptocurrencies, most of which circulates on the Ethereum blockchain. At the moment, the USDT is the most popular coin with a fixed rate, it is used in 74% of transactions with bitcoin.

At the end of April Peter Brandt said that users who store tools in starlaine Tether &fools. According to the trader, to keep capital in the USDT so the same is risky, as in “the Nigerian charms”.

— the Number of supporters on Twitter Ripple was reduced by 82% in 2 years

— co-Founder of Ripple in April sold for 1.8 million tokens XRP every day

— Tether will begin to monitor for suspicious transactions in USDT

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Dmitry Fomin.

Source: rbc.ru

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