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Anton Melzow,

development Director IR “freedom Finance»

Key indices of the us stock market is the S&p 500 and high-tech benchmark NASDAQ. The first of them — the broad market index that includes 500 leading us companies, the second contains all innovative corporations, not for the first year acts as a locomotive not only for the USA market but also for stock markets around the world. It was from price movements within the data stock indices, depends on the dynamics of the market. It is on them primarily oriented investors.

In the conditions of correction of the investment ideas you need to pick the most reasonable way. The best approach now is to pay attention to those papers that fell the least, and maybe even grow, this also happens. For example, you can make a bid for the company Chewy, which delivers food for Pets in the United States. In terms of quarantine, the entire sector delivery feels great, and this company could become a beneficiary of the trend to order online. Indeed, many Americans even after the end of isolation, think about it, why lug a huge pack of food from the supermarket if it can be ordered online. Another idea — the company Teladoc related to telemedicine. This trend was pronounced even before the coronavirus and is guaranteed to get acceleration after the end of the pandemic. Now the company is under the same conditions, which were the first cloud providers against providers of software. Another player from the medical sector, Dexcom, is developing a system for continuous monitoring of glucose for diabetes, and the United States — a leader in this disease. The meter from the company Dexcom is characterized in that it is possible to carry and to determine the exact blood sugar level anytime and anywhere. In the service sector of the business should pay attention to DocuSign. This service allows you to remotely sign contracts in the format of an electronic signature. The tendency for fixation of business relations were already very pronounced to the coronavirus, and now this company is a leader in this segment. And the company Cloudflare helps the best way to protect companies that operate in the mode of remote jobs. They use firewalls, technology that is simpler scales, introduced cheaper and is available in cloud mode. Many sites are already protected using this company. This is a unique business in the field of cybersecurity, in particular, the experts appreciate the Cloudflare protection from DDOS-attacks.

To those who believe in the high-tech sector, have “freedom Finance” there is a ready investment Fund “Leaders in technology», composed of the shares of successful high-tech companies, which have always been and will remain the locomotives of the stock market, so these securities have good growth potential. This is a ready investment portfolio with assets such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, and one Pai BPIF “freedom — Leaders in technology” can be bought for around $ 1000, when the action of the same Google is not less than $ 1,000.

Another Fund from the “freedom Finance» “the leaders of the recovery” — it is a crisis decision during a pandemic. It includes companies that after the decline of the market will become stronger and will recover the fastest. This is an opportunity to become an investor in Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, AMD and Fortinet with a single transaction.

For clients with little risk tolerance who seek a small but secure and stable income, experts “freedom Finance” developed a complete portfolio of bonds of LLC «Zhilkapinvest" OOO "Economizing" PAO "SEZ they. Sergo Ordzhonikidze", JSC «Work», OOO IK “freedom Finance” and other companies that entered the Fund «freedom – Mixed investment”.

to obtain advice from a personal investment Manager to discuss your goals, strategy and expectations for the investment does not need to leave your home, if this is not possible or time because the nature of the business “freedom Finance” is in full adaptation to the online format.

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