the minutes of the last RBA meeting

Today was published the minutes of the may meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia. Nothing special in the statements of officials of the regulator is not sounded. Below are the main excerpts of these ducts:

  • since the assistance package was launched recently, the Board members believe that the best will maintain the current settings of monetary policy and vigilant monitoring of the economic and financial results

  • it was expected that the labour market will be maintained available production capacity, and inflation is expected to be below 2 percent over the next few years

  • the Board of the Central Bank will continue to support the economy through low interest rates on loans to households and enterprises

  • representatives of the Central Bank agreed that the aid package as a whole working

  • RBA ready to increase purchases of government bonds if necessary to achieve the goal yield

  • we can expect that global recovery will start later in 2020

  • the Board has determined that it will not raise interest rates until then, until progress has been made in achieving the goals of full employment and inflation

  • it is expected that the GDP of the major trading partners of Australia is significantly reduced in the first half of 2020

  • the Australian economy is severely affected by the restrictive measures

  • it is expected that Australia's GDP will be reduced by approximately 10% in the first half of 2020

  • economic downturn that speed and size record for the last 60 years of history

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