The Federation Council proposed to include developers in strategic enterprises

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The Federation Council of the Russian Federation proposed to include industrial enterprises in the sphere of production of building materials and regional developers in the list of strategic organizations to provide targeted support measures in terms of coronavirus.
«Together with the Ministry of the Russian Federation to work a question on introduction to the Federal laws and (or) bylaws changes, in terms of expanding the list of strategic organizations eligible to receive targeted support measures in the deteriorating situation with the spread of novel coronavirus infection, including regional developers, industrial enterprises in the sphere of production of construction materials, contractors engaged in the construction of social facilities and infrastructure», — reads the list of activities of the Federation Council on improvement of the legislation of the Russian Federation in connection with the implementation of the measures to ensure the functioning and further development of economy and social sphere in new conditions (at the disposal of RIA Novosti).
The senators propose to give the governors authority to establish lists of appropriate organisations and provide them with regional support.
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