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The co-founder of Fundstrat Tom Lee told how has changed the price of the first cryptocurrencies and assets of the stock market this year, and which one brought the most profit to investors

Bitcoin in 2020. would bring the largest profit to its investors, announced founder research firm Fundstrat Tom Lee on his Twitter account. C Jan as of may 8, the first cryptocurrency has risen by 39%. For the same period, 20-year U.S. treasuries gained 21.1 per cent to the cost.

The third place yield was gold. Its price since the beginning of the year increased by 12.5%. 8.9% more expensive Treasury securities of the United States. Stock quotes of the Nasdaq, made up of ordinary shares and such financial instruments of all companies traded on the NASDAQ, rose by 1.7%. At the same time, the index value of the S&P 500 dropped 9.4%.

In 2019 g. bitcoin has also become a leader in profitability, rising over the year by 92%. Second and third place went to stock indices Nasdaq and S&P 500, their quotations for the same period increased by 35.2% and 28.9%, respectively.

At the end of April, analysts Bloomberg published a report stating that bitcoin is transformed from a speculative asset to a digital version of gold. This is due to the increasing interest in futures for cash and reduce the volatility of its exchange rate, said the experts.

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