Donald trump threatens to break ties with China

President of the United States doesn't want to talk to XI Jinping.

US President Donald trump expressed doubt about the recent trade agreement with Beijing because of the pandemic, Covid-19 and suggested that America will save $ 500 billion the United States if Washington "interrupt" bilateral relations.

To mention a wide range of claims against China in a pre-recorded interview for Fox Business Network, trump said: “I Have a very good relationship [with the President of China Jinping], but now I just don't want to talk to him”.

“They had to prevent a pandemic. So I got a great bargain, but now I don't feel a response, — said trump. — I'm very disappointed in China”.

“the Ink had barely dried, and the plague came is, I don't think" — he said, referring to the first phase of the trade deal he signed with Vice Premier of China Liu He in January, under which China has pledged for two years to buy American goods at $ 200 billion.

trump, however, said that “they will buy for 250 billion dollars”, without the additional 50 billion US dollars.

Doubts about China's ability to fulfill the obligations of the transaction for procurement escalated for reasons on both sides, most directly or indirectly related to the pandemic.

For example, it will be difficult to increase pork exports to China, as production declined in the U.S. following outbreaks Covid-19 to the processing companies Smithfield Foods and Triumph Foods. Chinese WH Group owns Smithfield Foods.

“Given the conditions of American supply, China is now not enough pork due to African swine flu, and the American meat producers unable to meet demand due to the fact that the virus is part of the export boom to meet the needs of China" — said Wednesday Daniel Rosen, the founder of new York research and consulting company Rhodium Group, during an online discussion organized by the National Committee of US relations with China.

At the same time, Beijing has limited the area in which he may take stimulus measures, said Rosen.

“China is in quite a weak position from the point of view of stimulation — he explained. — evidence suggests that this time they will not be able to stimulate almost the same as last time" when Beijing has taken strict fiscal measures to stabilize its economy amid the financial crisis in 2009.

China in the first quarter experienced economic decline by 6.8 percent, which is likely to lower domestic demand.

Although official data on unemployment in the government do not take into account migrant workers — a significant share of the labor market — in a study conducted by the brokerage firm Zhongtai Securities at the end of April, it was stated that the real unemployment rate is 20.5% with 70 million unemployed.

Responding to a question about the proposal of the Senator-Republican Tom Cotton last month that Chinese students wishing to study in areas such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence in the interests of national security, should be denied U.S. visas, trump said: “There are many things that we could do … We could sever relations”.

“We could save 500 billion dollars, if severed all relations" — said trump, referring to the approximate value of annual U.S. imports from China.

Addressing the origins of the pandemic coronavirus, trump apparently did not take into account the proposal of the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, which have since been largely refuted by US intelligence that the infection could be deliberately created in a Chinese laboratory.

Discussing this issue April 30, the office of National intelligence issued a statement in which it stated that it “agrees with the broad scientific consensus that the virus Covid-19 was not artificial or genetically modified”.

However, the President has not abandoned his opinion on the fact that China is guilty that does not control the spread of the disease.

«I do not know whether they passed the decision, but it is out of control — said trump. — I think it's more likely that it got out of control … we Have a lot of information and that is not good. Did it come from a lab or from fruit bats, all from China, and they had to stop it”.

Meanwhile, trump has sent mixed signals in an interview with Fox about whether he U.S. regulators to conduct audits of Chinese companies listed on American stock markets — a change sought by some lawmakers.

The problem is that he “very hard” tried to force the Chinese to comply with U.S. accounting standards.

“Say you want to be hard", demanding that the Chinese company made audit inspection of the States as conditions for listing. “What are they doing? They say — well, we'll move to London or Hong Kong”.

Bipartisan legislation of the USA under the title “the Law of fairness” initiates a process that will ultimately lead to the delisting of foreign companies that do not comply with U.S. rules regulatory accounting and supervision, in the case of waiver compliance.

Bill initiierte Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, which, as you know, takes a tough stance against Beijing, its co-author as a Democrat, a Robert Menendez new Jersey Kirsten Gillibrand of new York.

Commenting on the supply chain in the United States, trump has hit the “experts” that made too large production capacities to other countries.

"These foolish supply chain, which are all over the world. We have a supply chain, parts of which are made in all different parts of the world. When one small piece of the world becomes bad, this is all very confusing" — said trump.

“I said that we should not be supply chains. We need to have all of them in the United States. We have companies that can do it, and if we do that, we can do it" — he added.

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