the national Bank of Ukraine has classified the operations with cryptocurrency to high-risk

the national Bank of Ukraine approved the procedure of financial monitoring of cryptocurrency, which recognized transactions with virtual assets (VA) high-risk.

«the Bank sets a high risk business relationship towards customers (persons), carrying out activities in the field of virtual assets», – the document says.

In the opinion of the founder of the Kuna exchange Mikhail Chobanyan, Ukraine cryptocurrency is a real competitor to the banking system.

«percentage of the population that uses cryptocurrency for commercial purposes in our country and the CIS is quite high. Ukrainian banks are extremely difficult to compete with foreign banks. Offshore companies for tax optimization and accelerated payments is now closed and alternatives to the crypt there is no particular», – said Chobanyan live on YouTube.

He also added that he will try as much as possible to delay the introduction of KYC procedures at the exchange Kuna:

«On Kuna KYC module is already long, but we don't inforem it at all, because there is no commitment at the moment. My opinion: the crypt made for freedom, KYC nothing to do with it. I will do all that is possible, and to postpone the introduction of KYC».

We will remind, on April 28 in Ukraine entered into force the law on combating money laundering and financing of terrorism, however, spelled out in the regulations on financial monitoring of the crypto operations yet will not be applied.

To the end of July 2020 Minsitry of Ukraine shall prepare and approve the Cabinet through the risk criteria and methodology of the risk-based approach to market VA.

«[From the date of entry into force] at Minsitry have three months to prepare legal acts, is now a part of them on the finalization of the harmonization of the SFMS of Ukraine», – said Advisor to the Deputy Minister for digital transformation Andrey Dubetskiy in the comments ForkLog.


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