the Largest Russian banks in terms of assets on February 1, 2020

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RIA Rating – 16 Mar. Statistics of the Russian banking sector in the dynamics of assets in the first month of the year was characterized by a slight decrease. This negative dynamics in January in recent years is a relatively ordinary event and is associated with the calendar factor. According to the Bank of Russia, the volume of assets during the month decreased by 0.2% in nominal and 0.5% in real terms. For comparison, in January 2019, the decline in real terms amounted to 1.1%, and in January 2018, – of -0.8%. Thus, the real dynamics of assets in 2020 was better than the same periods of the previous two years. 

To assess the situation in the context of individual credit institutions, the Agency RIA rating on the order of AEI PRIME conducted an analysis and prepared a rating of the largest Russian banks in terms of assets on February 1, 2020. The ranking presents data for 435 credit organizations in Russia with active license on 16 March 2020, and on which published reports according to the form №101 on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The rating methodology involves the aggregation of circulating statements.

According to the study of RIA Rating, in January 2020, the volume of assets in nominal terms increased from 228 credit institutions, or 52% of the number of banks represented in the rating. However, even despite the decline in total assets the share of banks with growth in January was at a relatively good level compared to previous months. For comparison, in December and October, the share of banks with asset growth was approximately 49% in each of the months, and in November the share has been more – 56%. For comparison, in early 2019, the share of the growing banks and all were at 35%, which however was largely due to transition to new accounting standards.

The highest relative growth of assets are among the hundred largest banks in January was at the Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow). Its assets for the first month of the year increased more than 2.5 times, which allowed the Bank to climb 53 places up to 94th place on February 1, 2020. The second fastest growth in January was another foreign Bank – ING BANK (EURASIA), the volume of assets in January increased by 30% (+2 positions to 40-about the place). It should be noted that the significant growth of assets in these banks is observed after a sharp decline in the previous month. In this volatile assets at these foreign banks due to their business model. Also high growth rates of assets among the largest banks showed credit Agricole CIB (+22%), MCB Bank (+19%) and INTERNATIONAL (+14%).

On the other hand, the weak relative dynamics of assets among the hundred largest banks in January 2020 demonstrated Nordea Bank, whose assets decreased by 35%. Second, the pace of decline was Deutsche Bank, the reduction of assets which amounted to -26%. In the current ranking of Nordea Bank occupies 77-e a place (-14 positions), and Deutsche Bank – 69-e a place (-8 positions). Third, the pace of decline in assets among the largest banks became BBR Bank with a reduction in assets of 16%, which resulted in the loss of 8 positions (up to 89-about places in the current ranking). Thus, among the largest banks gainers and reduce – foreign banks, and in all cases the dynamics of assets due to changes in interbank lending.

, Russia's largest Bank, Sberbank, as of February 1, 2020 had assets in the amount of 29.4 trillion rubles, which is 30.5% of the total assets of all Russian banks on February 1, 2020. In January, the assets had increased by 0.3% or by 100 billion rubles. The second by size Russian Bank – Bank VTB in January was characterized by a decrease of assets by 1.4% or by 200 billion rubles. The negative dynamics of assets from VTB Bank was the result of a reduction of investments in highly liquid assets and the decrease in the loan portfolio of corporate clients. In this case only the two largest Russian state banks accounting for 45.4% of the total assets of the banking system.

the Rating of banks in terms of assets on February 1, 2020 in PDF format >>

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