Volkswagen landed in racist row

Volkswagen has deleted the Golf is the car posted on his official page in Instagram, as the company recognized the video racist and offensive, announcing the beginning of an internal investigation.

The automaker, which has already faced a reputational scandals over the past five years, said it will not tolerate any form of racism.

In the controversial is the great white hand control black man who stands next to the new yellow car model "Golf". All this happens in front of a cafe called “Petit Colon”, in which users saw a colonial subtext.

The German television noted that the hand can be interpreted as a gesture of "white supremacist" (White power), while the letters appear on the screen at the end advertising, can be perceived as a racist insult.

Stackmann jürgen (Juergen Stackmann) member of the Board of Directors of VW sales and marketing, has managed to publicly apologize. “We understand the public outrage on this issue. We, too, in horror. This video is an insult to all the achievements of the movement «civil rights”. It is an insult to every decent man" — he wrote.

“We at Volkswagen are mindful of the historical origins and the fault of our company during the Nazi regime. that is why we strongly oppose all forms of hatred, slander, propaganda and discrimination" — said Stackmann.

The representative of Volkswagen said that the company intends to understand how such a movie could get on their official resources. The perpetrators brought to justice.

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