How to configure air conditioning to heating?

The air conditioning can work all year round. In hot weather they cool in the air and in the cold can be used for space heating. In the latter case, most of the devices can be without fear on if the outside temperature is in the range from −5°to +15°C.

How to set the air conditioning to heat?

Before you turn on the AC for heat, you should ensure that it has the function of heating and the outdoor air temperature corresponds to the declared performance in instructions to the device. To begin heating the room, on the remote you press the button “Mode” when it is pressed, the display shows the icon “sun” or the inscription «Heat».

After this will customize the comfort settings. Set on the remote control or the instrument panel desired temperature. Further, the air conditioner itself will support it and will cease to warm the air if the temperature in the room has reached the desired value.

Why the air conditioner is running you need to close the window?
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The temperature at which you can include forced-air heating?

If the street-zero temperature, the air conditioner can be safely used in heating mode. But to use it for heating in winter can only be approved by the manufacturer to freezing temperatures outside. If you ignore these recommendations, air will lose heat and its main parts will wear quickly and fail.

"To zero it is possible to use heating function in air without any problems. It will be fine to warm. If the temperature is below zero, it is necessary to watch characteristics of the device. The Internet and instruction can be found, at any temperature the specific model you use. To minus five most air-conditioners of suffering. And to minus 15 it already has to be specially prepared device. At minus 18 you can only use those devices which have special heated crankcase», — says the Director of the testing laboratory of household electrical appliances Oleg Dranitsky

How to use the air conditioning at sub-zero temperatures?

"the Problem of air-conditioning usage in winter is that the blades of the outdoor unit are covered with ice and freeze. They can't twist, and if they start, then starts to trigger the overheating protection. All air conditioners that can be used in sub-zero temperatures, there is a system that pre-heats the device. She first warms it and warm air from the room and heating Carter still heats the oil in the heat exchanger», — says Dranitzke. 

will it Improve the air conditioning in the apartment, if the Windows face the road?

The air conditioner was not originally designed to work at low temperatures can be additionally installed compressor crankcase heater. It will heat up the oil in the compressor while he is off, and off when the compressor is running. To install heated crankcase specialist, as this requires complete disassembly of the outdoor unit. You must also install heated drainage of the indoor unit. It is installed on the drain hose at the exit point from the wall to the street. Heated drainage is important, as during thawing of the condenser of the outdoor unit is water, if the removal is difficult, then freezing, it just will damage the capacitor.


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