European stock indices traded with a decrease

European stock indices traded with a decrease, продлив потери по сравнению с предыдущей сессией, из-за опасений о продолжительном экономическом спаде и усилении напряженности в отношениях между США и Китаем.

The fed Chairman Jerome Powell warned of a recession, which was worse since the Second World War, and called for increased financial support to protect the world's largest economy from the long-term economic losses due to pandemic coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the head of the Organization for economic cooperation and development warned that the additional debts incurred by the government and companies to cope with the crisis Covid-19, "return to us".

the pan-European Stoxx 600 fell by -1,65% after a decline of -1.9% Wednesday.

Hargreaves Lansdown shares rose nearly 5% after the platform Fund reported a net new earnings at 4.0 billion pounds in the four months ended 30 April.

Retailer WH Smith has lost 4.3 per cost of securities. After reporting a slight fall in profit before tax for the first half of fiscal 2020, the company said that according to forecasts, the second half will be affected by the pandemic coronavirus.

Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi has reduced the capitalization of -2.2%. CEO Paul Hudson said that in case of success, the US is likely to get first access to the vaccine Covid-19.

The shares of the BMW Group fell in price, which is 2.7%. The automaker said that, as expected, his annual sales and profit before tax in 2020 will be significantly lower than in the previous year. The company also said that the forecast for 2021 remains highly uncertain.

At the economic news, inflation in Germany, measured as the change in the consumer price index in annual terms in April 2020 stood at + 0.9%. This means that the inflation rate fell from + 1.4% in March and + 1.7% in February.

The Federal statistical office (Destatis) also reports that consumer prices rose 0.4% compared to March 2020. Preliminary results from the April 29, 2020 in respect of the consumer price index is slightly revised upwards compared with the final results.

The prices of all goods rose by 0.3% in the period from April 2019 to April 2020, which was below average. This was mainly due to the decrease of energy prices on -5,8%.

Destatis data today also showed that the selling prices in wholesale trade fell by -3,5% in April 2020 compared to the corresponding month of the previous year. March 2020-April 2020 the wholesale price index fell by -1.4%.

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