Belgian monks brewers resume the sale of beer

Belgian Trappist monks that produce one of the most prestigious Beers in the world, reopened for business after a two month break. Although restrictions on COVID-19 mean that they can only provide local, rather than international demand.

The Abbey of Saint-Sixtus (The Saint-Sixtus abbey), home and work 19 of the monks, on Thursday evening launched the sale of 6 thousand. In exceptional cases, customers can buy three boxes, usually only two in one hand.

The clients can arrive by car as usual, but they are told to not leave their cars in queues until they pass the recently installed traffic lights to the point of purchase.

Payment must be made electronically and not in cash. Nearby cafes serving beer, remains closed.

demand is not the problem. A monk named brother Godfried said that from Wednesday to Thursday created 5 million new accounts, bringing their total number reached 35 thousand

"the Picture is a bit distorted, because now we can offer their products only on the Belgian market. The borders are closed, although the beer causes some international interest" — he told Reuters.

The monks sold a few boxes in advance to test your new system. Thomas Vuylsteke, 33-year-old lawyer, was one of the lucky ones.

“Well, it was several times chosen as the best beer in the world, and it's really tasty. It's always great" — he said.

Flor Holvoet drove two hours to get to the Abbey.

«For me it was very important, because in fact it was the first opportunity to go to a real trip, I had a reason to come out again" — he said.

The Abbey brewed its own beer Westvleteren since 1839 and opened sales to 1878, but production and sales were limited to ensure that brewing never took a fully monastic life and did not bring more money than was necessary.

Since the Second world war, the monks decided to sell beer only at the gate of the Abbey, but the quiet local lanes are filled with people after the sites with beer ratings recognized 10% Westvleteren XII one of the best Beers in the world.

The monks created a system of reservation on the phone in 2005, replacing it with online orders in the past year. In this way, customers can sit for hours in a virtual queue before you can place an order.

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