Realtors expect growth of sales of new buildings in the suburbs

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Открытие офисов продаж новостроек Подмосковья может увеличить число сделок примерно в полтора раза, считают риелторы, опрошенные РИА the Property.

From 25 may on the territory of the Moscow region authorised the operation of sales offices housing adjacent to construction sites. To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 developers were obliged to ensure that the customers of social distance, to impose restrictions on their simultaneous presence in the office, to organize daily temperature filter, to make payments only in the form of cash.

The remote format of the work, of course, could not fully afford to maintain sales volumes — not only buyers, but not all developers were willing to online sales , said the CEO of VSN Realty Jan Glazunov. It predicts sales growth with offices opening not less than 30-40%.

In addition, according to the realtor, completed a transaction to which the clients came in March and early April, but suspended them because of isolation or failures of registration in Rosreestra. According to Glazunov, in the period of self-isolation in the region has decreased not so much the number of calls, how many conversion requests in the transaction. She expects that pent-up demand will be implemented in June, which also have a positive impact on sales dynamics.

In April recorded a decline, and calls, and signing contracts, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company «best-Novostroy» Irina Dobrokhotova. According to the platform, in the month of April in the region was signed only 807 POS and it is not enough for the Moscow region, she said.

Most people need to visit the construction site to assess the location, ask immediately all your questions, fiddle with diagrams of layouts, plus many come to the sales office, still unable to decide what kind of apartment you want, Dobrokhotov said.

«So, of course, the opening of sales offices will increase the number of signatures POS by the end of June — at least 50% of the current April strap», — she said. The realtor also said that by the end of may growth or will not, or will technical growth of registrations in the kindergarten, which in April and may stuck due to non-performing MFC, notaries and rosreestra.

The head of sales Department at Est-a-Tet Roman Sokolov, agreeing that the opening of the regional offices will increase consumer activity, clarified that it will not be a fundamental factor, and will be the final step for those who want to visit the office and verify the correctness of his decision.


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