Britain extended mortgage holiday for three months because of cov

© RIA Novosti / Maria Thebakery day quarantine in London

The UK government has extended mortgage holiday for three months in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the report said the British Treasury.

On the possibility to get a deferment on mortgage loans authorities announced in March, the vacation was provided to more than 1.8 million of mortgage loans.

«Homeowners struggling with payments on the mortgage from mers will be able to extend your vacation on a mortgage for another three months, or to begin reducing the size of payments», — is told in the Department message.

It is expected that the banks will contact the customers who asked for a delay in payments to discuss further action.

«where consumers can afford to resume your mortgage payments, it is in their interest. However, if people are still experiencing difficulty and need assistance, complete renewal of a mortgage holiday for three months will be available as one of the options», — said the Ministry of Finance.

Earlier in may the British government also extended until the end of October the action of the compensation scheme, wages are temporarily out of work due to the coronavirus.

Just to support the economy in conditions of a pandemic, the British government has allocated 330 billion pounds. Companies give out loans secured by state guarantee, were also introduced credit holidays for individuals and legal entities, which because of the crisis not able to pay the interest on the loans.


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