Ryazan Governor noted the importance of support to business during a pandemic, it

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Open company «Tochinvest» new lines of galvanizing of the pipe tells about the revival of the economy of the Ryazan region in the period of suppression of coronavirus pandemic, said Friday at the launch of a new line of Governor Nikolai Lyubimov.
Automatic production line galvanizing pipe at the company «Tochinvest Zinc» has been substantially upgraded through the attraction of funds of state support.
OOO «Tochinvest Zinc» that is part of the largest in Ryazan holding GK «Tochinvest» working in the field of production of road metal and products road infrastructure. Today the company is one of the leaders in this market in the country. Financial support in the amount of 25.2 million rubles, OOO «Tochinvest Zinc» received from State Fund of development of industry of the Ryazan region, has been successful in achieving two of the project.
As noted by the regional authorities, firstly, was seriously upgraded automatic line for zinc pipes, which will improve its performance using advanced technology. Secondly, has installed furnaces for processing of zinc-containing waste, thus decreased the company's dependence on suppliers of zinc.
Lyubimov noted that the successful implementation of these projects at OOO «Tochinvest Zinc» is one of the clearest examples of the practical implementation of measures of state support of business.
«during the epidemic of the coronavirus, within the constraints of the Ryazan industrial enterprises continue to work on production improvement, increasing the competitiveness of products. Support that is available now to business, very important», – said the head of the region.
According to Lyubimov, support measures work and the authorities do everything necessary to ensure that as many organizations could these measures are.
«And that in such a complex region, the company opened essentially new production, indicates a certain revival of the economy, establishing a clear trend of rebooting it», — said Lyubimov.
As noted by the regional government, the products «Tochinvest Zinc» widely used in the Ryazan region in the implementation of measures to improve road safety in the framework of the national project «Safe and quality road».
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