Nikita Krichevsky: the So pyramid or not?

the growth of the national debt of Russia.

“This is no pyramid" — as Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev commented “ambitious” the increase in public debt. How to call a mechanism under which banks buy OFZ, lay them through REPO transactions in securities that receive new funds, which buy BFL again, Moses refused to say.

In December last year, Moses became famous for "pension funds" of the workers, which in the early 1920s, laborers, allegedly put the money in retirement. The barrels and the woodwork was simple Souvenirs from the newly opened Savings banks, and neither the contributions nor retirement savings had no relationships.

Here are shots on a solid course lead Russia into a bright future. Not having the slightest idea of what funds the country will pay a multiple of the increased national debt. Interest which is significantly above Western and already eat about 1 trillion rubles from the budget.

To date, the consolidated budget deficit is projected to be $ 8.9 trillion rubles (about a quarter of the General Treasury of the Federal government and the regions). I want to print 4 trillion. While we need more, many more. It is clear already now, before the announcement of the bailout plan, yesterday rose from his knees.

The money will be found, no doubt about that, and the recipes are the same as in the 90s: smooth, but the constant devaluation, money printing and the growth of public debt. It is not clear why when the burgeoning budget hole Nabiullina strengthen the ruble? Aliens that it wants to attract, then, as usual, to throw the devaluation? However, those are not much poorer, but the authorities in any victuals.

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